Debugging With TDD

What is TDD? TDD is a discipline that encourages starting with writing tests instead of the functionality itself. TDD means you first write a simple test that validates the business requirements, and then you write the functionality to make that test pass, which leads to the TDD mantra: Red, Green, Refactor. What is Debugging Debugging is the process of finding why is your software is not working as expected and fix it.

What The Heck is HTTP

What is HTTP? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a protocol or, in other words, a set of rules that defines how two computers should communicate. And it allows a client to fetch resources from a server. The resources can be any digital file like HTML file, audio, video, and so on. As any two communicators, client and server communicate by exchanging messages over the TCP or TLS encrypted TCP. Note that HTTP can be implemented on top of any protocol other than TCP unless it does not guarantee reliable transport.

Introduction to Php

Basic PHP syntax PHP file should start with the opening tag <?php, and you can end it with the PHP closing tag ?>. It is not recommended to add a closing tag if the file only contains PHP. Every instruction in PHP should be terminated with a semicolon ; <?php echo 'Hello world'; Comments Comments are lines in the code that will not be executed as a part of your application.

Introduction to Mysql Internals

In this article, we will talk about high-level database internals, specifically MySql’s that already overlaps with many other databases. We will talk about architecture, concurrency, transactions, ACID, Deadlocks, and MVCC What is a database A database is an organized collection of data stored and accessed electronically from a computer. A database is controlled by a database management system known as DBMS. The data, the DBMS, and the applications associated with them are called a database.

You Think You Know Php

PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. Many developers around the globe have started their careers with PHP, and a lot of them still do. PHP powers 79% of websites on the internet. The popularity of this language is because you don’t need a lot of experience to write a well-working software with it and because many famous platforms are built on top of PHP like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

How to Find a Job Without Experience

How to find a job without experience? This problem is prevalent among fresh graduates and self-learners trying to land their first job because most jobs require some experience, like a year or two. These fresh software engineers might be very knowledgeable and so excited to start creating great products. But unfortunately, few companies will accept and believe in them. And they have to work very hard to get accepted or even to get invited to an interview.

Ability to Rerun Single Jobs in Github Actions

GitHub’s workflows are a handy tool to automate tasks in the software development lifecycle. This tool allows you to run a specific command after a particular event, like when someone creates a pull request or a new commit. Note This article is not about how to use or create workflows, but it is about solving the problem of not retrying the whole deployment when an action fails. So I am assuming that you have this problem, and you have some experience with GitHub actions.

How to solve AWS SES and certificate manager to verify your domain name in route53

Suppose you are working with AWS route53 domains and you are trying to create a certificate or verify a domain name for AWS SES. If the verifying process is taking ages or never happens, no matter how you delete the request and recreate it again. Then you will find this article helpful, and it will solve lots of your problems. The story The story is, like any other aspiring developer, I have bought many domain names for many projects that I started but never ended.

Architecture Styles: Layered Architecture

Definition Layered architecture is also known as n-tiered architecture, is a monolithic general-purpose kind of architecture in which its layers are partitioned according to their technical responsibilities. One example of the layers in this architecture would be the Presentation layer, Business layer, Persistence layer, and database layer. Each one of these layers represents a technical role in the architecture. Layered architecture is a database-centric architecture, and developers start by building the database first then they implement the other layers.

9 Steps for the effective technical decision-making process

Every problem, if it is technical or not, can be solved in many ways. And if you are a problem solver, you have to decide what method you should use to solve the issue at hand. As a software engineer, you will work on technical problems every day, and you will have to make technical decisions all the time. Your decisions will vary from naming variables to choosing architectures. 1. Identify the problem at hand This is the most essential step in the decision-making process because no one wants to solve a problem they do not really have.