How to Make Money and Get Rich?

Written by Hassan Salem on

I see this advertisement all the the time on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, google searches, and so on, but I have never paid any attention to it because I know the way they teach has no impact and the author will get rich by just attracting people to their courses using the being rich clickbait.

But let us be frank, we love money. At least I do. And I know it is not so easy, I work every day as a software engineer to get paid. And I know that these guys are promoting their courses and they will be rich, regardless of whether their students succeed or not, they do not care, they already got paid.

But I love money. Not the money itself, but what money can make accessible. For example, if I have more money, I have more time with my family and friends, and so on.

And as usual, I have seen one of those ads, but this time I decided to give it a chance. I’m writing this article after I have decided to try, so you will not find any experiments or results here. This is just the first step, and I will write about the results when they come, regardless if they are positive or negative. You can subscribe to my mailing list to learn more about my experiment.

So the ad was promoting a list of methods to make money, some of them online and the rest offline. So I decided to forget everything I know about software engineering and just think like a normal human being. And assume that this instructor is legit and wants to help. So I can accept the knowledge and methods they are promoting.

And yes they were promoting Dropshipping, Affiliate marketing, and more alike methods. I have some knowledge about the mentioned methods, and I have some assumptions about their effectiveness of them. But I should not forget that I emptied my mind of any past assumptions or knowledge about the topic or any technical knowledge I already have and just start fresh.

So far I learned about Shopify, and how I can make money without spending a lot of it on buying products. This method is called drop shipping. I am preparing my shop now, I am in the process of legal and tax research. I will publish another article when I start the shop and I will share all the metrics and learnings including the legal and technical process.

And I learned about Affiliate marketing, which is why now you can find affiliate links in some of my articles. To be honest, I think this method is working, I started seeing some money in my amazon affiliate program dashboard.

A little bit about the amazon affiliate program. It is a program where you market some products on amazon using a special link, and you get a cut from every sale that happens through your special link. I just added book links under some articles where relevant. And it started generating money, still, a very little amount, around 2 Euros since started ~2 weeks ago. I will create a more detailed article about the methods I used and how effective they are so far, so keep an eye on the blog.

This article is my first in a series that I will call build in public. I will keep posting about my experiment, results, and how you can replicate it on your own.

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