About me

My name is Hassan Salem, I live in Munich. I am a father and in my free time I play table tennis, or I ride my bike and discover new places.


Problems, to me, are opportunities. That is why I loved software since I was a little boy. for more than eight years, I am in the software engineering industry solving different kinds of business problems and automating tasks, in addition to leading projects from an idea to success.

A summary of my skills

Programming languages

Programming languages are just tools that we use to solve specific problems. As a software engineer, I pick the most relevant tool for the problem at hand. And the following is the list I worked with during all of the projects I built




Some of my work

Personio 📍 Munich, Germany. March 2019 - Present

At Personio I am mainly a backend software engineer. I solve problems related to human resources and people data. We use plenty of programming languages like Kotlin, Java, GoLang, Python, PHP, and Javascript to create and automate solutions that help people focus on what matters. Responsibilities at Personio are: Extend the current system with functionalities that impact business problems Design, build, test, deploy, and maintain large-scale system Managing subprojects Participate and lead architectural design reviews to decide amongst available technologies

Wamda 📍 Dubai. Aug 2016 - Feb 2019

At Wamda I was responsible for developing and maintaining the Wamda media website and building the Wamda community system that later was sold to the Kuwaiti government to build the startup community on top of it. You can access an archived version of it at nuwait.

Some of my responsibilities at Wamda: Design, build, test, deploy, and maintain a large-scale website Develop a community kind of application using different cutting-edge technologies like graph databases and elastic search.

Kamkalima 📍 Beirut, Lebanon (Currently Dubai). Jan 2018 - Feb 2019

Kamkalima is an Arabic educational platform for learning and teaching in schools. At Kamkalima my role was a technical consultant. My job was to advise, strategize, and design. And with software engineers build software that solves business problems.

KwikSense 📍 Beirut, Lebanon. 2017

Kwiksense is a Lebanese startup aiming to deliver safety by implementing a life-saving IoT solution that keeps vulnerable communities safe during hazardous conditions. I build KwikSense along with other four friends out of a hackathon idea. We build a product that helped UNICEF monitor and help many refugees' families stay safe during hard times.

SmartGit 📍 Beirut, Lebanon. Feb 2013

At SmartGit we help our clients build the correct solutions for their problems by providing high-quality consultation services. Our consultation is composed of business and technology. We guarantee the business aspect of the problem in addition to ensuring the correct and productive execution of that solution.

Some of the projects we worked on:

Arabica TV channel playlist planner
UNERWA Servey management and reporting system

Media TV Plus (Paltoday TV) 📍 Beirut, Lebanon

At Paltoday my role was an automation engineer, which is creating solutions to automate TV-related tasks.